Some days I run around in my head with you, you plait my hair and I lay, heavy-headed on your belly and we laugh, big warm laughs that make my face ache Some days The radio plays, and each strum of the melody stiffens my jaw and I can do nothing but stare ahead at … Continue reading Daze

Short and mildly spicy

So this post is terribly late and I have no real excuse. Well I kinda do but I won’t use it because it mainly just comes down to being completely lost as to what to write. Writing about my life so far has been easy. As soon as my dad died while I was in … Continue reading Short and mildly spicy

The 792 stages of grief

I have tried a million ways to start this post. I couldn't figure out why it was so hard. What point was I tying to get across with this one? I've written this whole post twice and hated them both. I started it from different directions: With a joke! With a metaphor about life being … Continue reading The 792 stages of grief

Crying at airports and flying business class

Welcome to another disclaimer with Hana. Now the next few posts I will be talking a lot about grief, obviously. I just wanted to say that I am no expert, at all, on this process or topic. This is purely my experience. If you have dealt with, or are dealing with grief, you would know … Continue reading Crying at airports and flying business class

Vietnamese iced coffees and the worst day of my life

We have made it to May, and let me preface this by apologising for the sheer length of this post, it was hard to widdle down and you will hopefully see why. Once again, thank you for coming back. If this is the first post you're reading I would probably suggest you go back and … Continue reading Vietnamese iced coffees and the worst day of my life

I’d like you to meet my big bellied superman

It's tough to put a light-hearted spin on this post, because writing this has been really hard. There have been some tears on the keyboard I'll tell you that much. I really would like to thank everyone for reading my previous posts, and for reading this one. For the likes and for the comments and … Continue reading I’d like you to meet my big bellied superman

Let’s talk about trust, baby

So we have coasted through the years now, and with it, all the juicy bits that have really shaped me throughout the last 5 years. I mentioned with my first relationship that it planted a seed of mistrust somewhere deep in my soul. My second relationship only fed that seed and grew it into a … Continue reading Let’s talk about trust, baby

2015: The year of love, meditation, and emotional breakdowns

So it was the year of 2015. Rhianna had just dropped 'Bitch better have my money', and I had a new boyfriend. It was honestly the making of a damn good year. I went to my first Melbourne festival. Discovered deep house music and started to love DJ's. I quit my cafe job and started … Continue reading 2015: The year of love, meditation, and emotional breakdowns

Lets continue to introduce myself…

  So I believe we left off somewhere around 2013. I packed up my room in the house I shared with my boyfriend at the time in Brisbane, and I borrowed a bright pink suitcase from my Grandma to shove all of my clothes into. I got a $1000 overdraw limit on my debit card … Continue reading Lets continue to introduce myself…

Let me introduce myself…

If you asked me a year ago where I’d be now, I probably wouldn’t have any idea, because I’m not really much of a forward thinker. But it would have been something pretty similar to what I was doing back then; driving to work, the day after my boyfriend’s birthday, deliberating in paranoia if he hung … Continue reading Let me introduce myself…